welcome to arkham edge media

Welp, if you’re reading this, it’s probably right around the time this new Arkham Edge website has launched. That, or you’re a total nerd who decided to go back and read the very first post on what I assume is a very well-regarded little digital publication. Either way, welcome to a new beginning for Arkham Edge! What started years ago as a production company for a failed delayed Randolph Carter web series is now a platform for new and experimental genre projects.

Currently we have several big projects planned for the remainder of 2017 and 2018, with a rough sketch of what 2019 has in store. Since we are a small organization, it’s imperative that we keep our sight set on the immediate future, but it never hurts to know where you’re heading. As such, we’re currently very confident in our future ventures, and can’t wait to go full-in on some of the more wild concepts.

For now, we have one short film in post-production (as of this posting, the score and foley work are being taken care of) and another ready for pre-production as soon as we’ve sent the first off to festivals. YouTube and Instagram projects are also in the pipeline, which we’ll keep you updated on as they come along. We also manage the Twitter account @OneScaryShot, an homage to one of our favorite Twitter streams aimed directly at horror fans.

But of course, you’ll have already noticed our other starting project: this website! Yep, instead of a boring old production site, showcasing our upcoming slate and nothing else, we’ve decided to create written content just for you. This material aims for quality over quantity, and thus will be devoid of cookie cutter news items and underwritten lists. We will have lists, as well as news related directly to our projects, but these are either exclusive items or well thought out, lovingly crafted articles.

That’s all for now, but keep your eyes peeled for plenty of updates, essays, reviews, and other cool stuff being put out on a weekly basis, right here at Arkham Edge Media!

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